Screen Actors Guild Shuts Down CASTSAG.COM

Perhaps in a response to one of the previous articles here on, Discloses SAG Membership Numbers, the Screen Actors Guild has officially suspended the service, which could have been used to acquire personal data from its members.

Previously on the web site, you could search for a member of the union, and could then figure out the member.s SAG membership number from the URL query string that was returned. This .magic number. is often used in verifying membership in the guild and for signing in at auditions. It is also used to update personal information such as mailing address with the guild.

Having this information on a SAG-sponsored web site was a very bad idea, and it is unknown how many celebrity.s SAG membership numbers have now been leaked out into the public.

The service, which was originally intended to allow casting directors easy access to contact information, has now been incorporated into the SAG 24/7 web site, and requires a Casting Director ID code to access the database. Since I do not have a casting director key code, I am unable to determine if the member.s SAG number is still present in the results.

I would like to formally thank the Screen Actors Guild for recognizing the severity of this issue and the potential impact it had on performers of all ages, especially the security of its young performers. The speed at which the guild acted to construct a more secure system is commendable and appreciated.