“Troy Rutter has laid out a roadmap for the Parent who knows they must never stop the process of learning about the Business their child finds so appealing.”

-Paul Petersen, President and Founder: A Minor Consideration www.minorcon.org

“I highly endorse this book. It is a great resource for parents with kids just starting out in the show business industry.”

-Debi Patton, FlyGirl Photography

“If you’re a parent and have a child who wants to be in “the biz”, then this is the book for you. We don’t live in LA and were desperate for information that could help us understand the industry and make good choices. This book has been a tremendous asset that we consult quite often. Everyone knows the saying that “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Thanks to this book, we are now “in the know” about how to best help our son pursue his Hollywood dream. Thanks Troy!”

-Mark Slough, Nashville, TN

(Mark’s son, Ryan, co-starred in the hit music video by Reba McEntire, “He Gets That From Me.”)